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By Nya rörelsen.
Performances: 8th, 9th, 10th of August. Sommarscen.
13th of August. Malmö Festivalen.
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Tango, kärlek och efter.
21th of July 
Musiker: Trio Tango Novecientos. Medlemmar: Leire Pérez-fiol (Baskien), Jonas Müthing-kontrabas (Germany), Sebastián Caldas-gitarr (Uruguay/Sweden)
Koreografi: Nidia Martínez Barbieri (Argentina)

Skillinge Tango och Dans Festival.
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Workshop dansnät Sverige

3th of December 2016.

It was the first week of rehearsal for the piece hat we are going to perform at Dansnät Sverige on 2017, directed by Khamlane Halsackda . amazing beginning, with lots of feelings, interesting and deep conversations. A really nice beginning. I'm looking forward!
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Open art studio

19/11/2016. It was a beautifull experience to dance at Inter Alter. A pleasure share stage again with the talented Johannes Nästesjö. Thanks for the invitation Gabriella Cedelström!

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12/08/2016. On Wednesday we had another Studio visning at Danscetrum Syd. Allways is so interesting to see each other productions, work in progress, ideas. Rumiko Otsuka and me have worked during one week in other duett and we presented a film. Thanks Danscentrum!

19/06/2016. So we had the premiére of Tangibel. Wonderfull. Thanks a lot Jonna Tideman and Lilla Beddinge for gaving me the chance of working at your place.

Inhabiting, playing, listening, dancing, moving... being
Tuning to: Inhabitants. Dance and music composed at the present.
Ph: Annika Svenbro

Happily the Woza Nami rehearsals started again. Nice to meet all this group of people :-) all of we love to dance!!! 
On 9th of February, Woza Nami at Malmö Operan!!
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  Foto David Thibel